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Who Is Dora The Explorer?

Dora the Explorer is the Hispanic title character in an animated cartoon for children. Dora made her premiere in 1999 on Nickelodeon, and by the year 2000 her show had become a network staple. In 2005, she became the first Hispanic character balloon to grace the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Dora is a cheerful, energetic and enthusiastic child with a wide circle of friends and a close and loving family. Each episode finds her character embarking on a mission to do a good deed or to help a friend. The mission usually consists of Dora going to three specific locations where she must find things or complete certain tasks. Sometimes Dora requests help from the audience to locate missing objects or to handle a situation. Needless to say, all of her adventures end in success.

At the end of each show, Dora and her supporters celebrate their victory and encourage the people watching the show to think about their favorite part of the day's adventure.

Dora is usually accompanied by her best friend Boots, a monkey. She is also aided in her quest by her magic purple backpack and her wise geography-savvy singing map. Other minor characters often put in helpful appearances as well.

All heroines, of course, must have an enemy to oppose them. Dora's rather benign enemy is Swiper, who does his best to swipe the objects Dora needs to find to complete her quest. (hence his name). Swiper is portrayed as more annoying than evil and can sometimes be talked into returning stolen items or even performing a helpful act like rescuing a puppy.

The animation is bright, and the simple plotlines and catchy tunes are designed to delight children (and their parents) while passing along important messages about appreciating different cultures, valuing friends and family, and being willing to work to reach a goal.

Dora is quite popular in with children in the United States. She has also become world famous. Dora the Explorer is broadcast in countries from China to Greece to Spain. There is even a Hebrew version.

Dora the Explorer is frequently seen on merchandise as well. Her face graces backpacks, shirts, jackets, shoes, hats, and jewelry. She is also the star of multiple video games including Backpack Adventure, Super Spies, and Dora the Explorer's World Adventure. Unfortunately, many Dora-themed toys are manufactured in China and were affected by the lead-based paint recall.


Movie Night: An Economical and Fun Family Event

In today's challenging economy, many families are searching for activities they can enjoy together as a family, without the need to spend a lot of money. While going out to see a movie can be a beloved pastime for many people, it can often end up being very expensive, particularly if you have got a large family or if you want to enjoy extra treats such as popcorn and soft drinks. Despite the fact that viewing a matinee can help somewhat with the expense, an afternoon spent at the movie theater may still break the family entertainment budget.

Have Fun with a Movie Night with Your Family

Instead of spending money to take your whole family to the theater, try instituting a family movie night. This can actually be more fun than going to the theater, because there is virtually no end to the various movies you can choose from, whether they are on television, DVDs or even on VHS tapes. If you want to watch an assortment of movies, then try letting all of your family members take turns picking which movie to watch. Home videos are always a pleasurable thing to watch as well- maybe a birthday party you taped or some fun vacation reminiscences. You can make your night as simple or as detailed as you want to. As an example, one family might enjoy simply sitting on the couch with a big tub of popcorn, while the children in your family might have fun with setting up a popcorn stand inside your home and selling snacks to the family members. Your children might also enjoy making the tickets for the show as a fun craft. You may even get so wound up in the fun you are having that you forget that you're not spending very much money.

Protecting Family Movie Night Remembrances

When an opportunity like this comes up to capture precious memories, do not pass it up. Take pictures of everyone watching the movie together, or of the children popping popcorn and pouring drinks for movie snacks. If the children make movie posters, movie tickets, programs or other "movie paraphernalia," you owe it to yourself to save a couple so that you will be able to look back one day and enjoy the memories. Shadow box picture frames hung up on your walls are a great way to display all of your fun mementos. You could start a tradition of making one framed photo collage with things from each movie night, displaying them on the wall just like movie theaters display movie posters. For instance, a movie ad cut from a magazine, combined with a handmade movie ticket stub, perhaps a used candy box, and several family pictures of everyone enjoying the film together can be organized in a creative fashion in a single picture frame. Someday when your kids are all grown up you'll look fondly back at this day and the memories it holds. Plus, your kids will also enjoy looking back at these mementos when they are older.

You'll see what a good time you can have with your family when you use these ideas for your own family night.


Classic Tv Dvds And Memorabilia Growing In Popularity

TVLand and Nick-at-Night are not the only places we find classic television shows. They are cropping up more and more places. Classic TV collectibles are popular items on auction sites such as Ebay. Enter "Classic television show collectibles" into your Google-powered search engine and you will find around 170,000 possibilities.

Run through a few of those results and you will find everything from classic television DVDs, lunch boxes, costumes, watches, salt and pepper shakers, vintage posters, and dolls. A quick search on Amazon.com found "The Best of Donny and Marie (DVD) Volume 1 (1976)." There are websites and online stores whose sole purpose is to sell classic television paraphernalia. These sites are capitalizing on the baby boomer's affinity for nostalgia. Collectors are scooping up the vintage collectibles.

There are companies who are bringing back the collectibles by manufacturing "New Vintage" collectibles. New metal lunch boxes with Donny and Marie, Superman, The Flintstones, Scooby Doo, and even the Dukes of Hazzard are popping up all over the place. With true vintage lunch boxes going for hundreds of dollars, these "replacements", although lacking authenticity, are an affordable option for those who just want to revisit the good old days of classic television.

The release of classic TV DVDs has made it possible for people to sit back and enjoy hours of their favorite shows from yesterday. The appeal of these shows for many is the "down-home" nature of the comedy. They don't rely on profanity, off-color remarks, or blatant sexual angles for their humor. They remind us of a simpler time. Donny and Marie, Sonny and Cher, The Partridge Family, The Walton's, The Brady Bunch, and many more shows take us back to a time when it was okay to say things like "Gosh" and "Golly." It was more than okay to love your family and country. It was expected. It was safe to turn on the television with the family and enjoy a nice show together.

The collectibles associated with these shows are gaining in popularity. As many from those generations begin to find more time for hobbies and have a little extra disposable income, the collectibles are becoming more desirable. Donny and Marie dolls, which were released in August 1976 with an accompanying "TV Studio", are popular finds. Sonny and Cher costumes are popular at costume parties. The Partridge Family memorabilia is making a strong comeback, as well.

Some of these classic television shows are enjoying a rebirth due to remakes of the originals. The Brady Bunch surged forward after a new generation was exposed to a less-than authentic version of the show in the 1995 version. Even with the tongue-in-cheek style of this movie, many people began seeking authentic Brady Bunch memorabilia and collectibles. The market for these items soared. The same held true for the Scooby Doo collectibles after the 2002 release of the movie. This one was so popular a sequel was made. This remake has brought about a whole new market for Scooby Doo collectibles, new and old alike. After the movie was released classic Scooby Doo DVDs were flying off the shelves. With the popularity of these classic television remakes it is not unrealistic to expect many more to follow.

As with any commodity, as the demand increases, the price will rise. Many collectors search for pieces to round out their collection for a more intrinsic value, rather than simply price. A collection of classic television show collectibles may be worth a substantial amount of money, but it is the nostalgia that holds the true value. You can't put a price on the memories those collectibles will elicit, or the feelings locked deep inside that are released when you hold that Donny and Marie lunchbox just like the one you had as a kid.

To find that special classic TV DVD or other collectible it may be as simple as hitting search on your search engine. Whether it is a find at a garage sale or a purchase off the web, it is the joy of releasing that inner child and finding that peace that simple joys bring that makes classic television collectibles true treasures.

~Ben Anton, 2007


Optimizing your Space with Media Storage Shelves

Media storage shelves are the ideal solution for anyone who has a limited amount of wall space and has a small or large collection of various media items scattered throughout their home or office including CD's, DVDs, PC software, and video games. Storage shelves designed specifically for various types of media are available in numerous sizes and shapes including wide and long or narrow and tall to accommodate any type of available space in the home or office. Media shelves make it easy to organize all of your media items allowing you the ability to quickly find what you are looking for without having to dig through a drawer, search through various piles left on your desk, or throughout multiple areas in your home.

Organizing and Protecting your Media Collection

Media storage shelves make it easy to organize your collection in such a way that you will never have to waste time searching for a specific movie, CD, video game, or computer software program ever again. How you organize your collection is a matter of personal preference as some individuals like to organize their collection alphabetically and some like to sort there entertainment collection such as movies and music by genre. Organizing your collection will also ensure that you never by duplicate items as you will always be able to quickly view your complete inventory. Storage shelves will also play an important role in protecting the investment you have in your collection by significantly reducing the chances of your media becoming permanently lost, damaged, or broken.

The Various Media Storage Shelf Designs and Styles

Media shelves come in a wide variety of designs and styles to match any type of home or office decor. Prior to purchasing a media shelf it is important that you take an inventory of your collection in order to determine the approximate size you will need. You will also want to take into consideration any future growth of your collection so that you can choose either a larger size in order to meet your needs in the future, or select from the various models that are "stackable" or can fit together side by side allowing you to purchase additional pieces at a later time that will match.

Media storage shelves come in various shapes such as the tower designs that are slim and tall which will fit well in a corner taking up very little floor or wall space. The shorter and wider designs, however, may make viewing and reaching the media items easier for some individuals. When choosing the wider sizes you will need to measure the amount of wall space you will have available in order to ensure you obtain the proper size that will fit comfortably in the intended room.

Media shelves come in various styles including those that have the standard industrial appearance that may be suitable for an office, traditional wood finishes to match other living room furniture, or those that have a more modern style matching the contemporary furniture found in many homes today. With the wide variety in designs, styles, shapes, and sizes available in media storage shelves today, you will have no difficulty in finding the perfect one to accommodate all of your media organizational needs as well as blend in with any type of home or office decor.


A Few Informative Hollywood Movie Story Lines To View

For years now, the video store was the way to get movies. Now, with internet usage exploding, movie downloads are becoming very popular. Below is a sample of some of the movies you can find using movie download sites.

Deep Crimson: Spectacularly distressing and upsetting real-life tale, based on the identical "Lonely Hearts" case that empowered The Honeymoon Killers, in regards to the murderous love event between a fat nurse and a gigolo who swindled prosperous, widows in'40s Mexico. Incredibly well performed and prompted research of I' amour and the banality of sin. Bundles a wallop, and holds no punches in its brutal portrayal of the couple's vicious descent into madness. Cast includes Jerzy Skolimowski, Jane Asher, John Moulder-Brown, Diana Dors, and Michael Vogler. (114 minutes,'96)

Educating Rita: This is an amusing adaptation of Willy Russell's level play in reference to a youthful working class spouse who desires to better herself, and chooses boozy professor Caine as her mentor. Walters is phenomenal in her film debut performing her role and Caine has one of his best roles as her mentor. Cast includes Michael Caine, Julie Walters, Michael Williams, Maureen Lipman, Jeananne Crowley, and Malcolm Douglas. (110 minutes,'83)

All at Sea: Strong comedy that keeps its own all the way through. Guinness is adorable as sailor who couldn't bear the sight of water although purchases rundown home on a wharf, turning it into an entertainment palace. Original title was Barnacle Bill. Cast includes Alec Guinness, Irene Browne, Percy Herbert, and Harold Goodwin. (87 minutes,'57)

The Delinquents: Intriguingly poor exploitation drama in regards to a fine boy who becomes part of a local gang since lady friend is too young to go steady. This is Altman's first film, made in Kansas City, with Julia Lee singing "Muddy Rock Boogie." Cast includes Tom Laughlin, Peter Miller, Richard Bakalyan, Rosemary Howard, and Helene Hawley. (75 minutes,'57)

Dracula's Daughter: Continuation to the Lugosi classic portrays vampire exercises of Holden. Pichel adds implementing aid as her malevolent manservant. Hillyer, usually a B-Western director, manages to imbue this chiller with a moody, subtly sensual quality. Cast includes Cast includes Gloria Holden, Otto Kruger, Marguerite Churchill, Irving Pichel, Edward Van Sloan, Nan Grey, and Hedda Basket. (70 minutes,'36)

Jackie Chan's Who Am I: Chan is part of a secret armed forces team sent on a lethal mission. He loses his memory, and can't figure out why people are after him. This is an action film with very little else to it. Cast includes Jackie Chan, Michelle Ferre, Mirai Yarnarnoto, Ron Smerczak, Ed Nelson, and Tom Pompert. (108 minutes,'98)

The Born Losers: What appeared at the time just some other biker film attained new interest in the '70s as the inception of Billy Jack; he helps free youthful dropout James from the grips of Slate's gang. Excellent action scenes, although Laughlin's use of brutality as an arraignment of bloodshed is already present. Cast includes Cast includes Tom Laughlin, Elizabeth James, Jeremy Slate, and William Wellman. (112 minutes,'67)

Black Legion: Plant employee Bogart, disheartened after losing a promotion to a colleague named "Dombrowski," becomes engaged with a Ku Klux Klan type group. This commanding and still pertinent drama is well made. Cast includes Humphrey Bogart, Erin O'Brien-Moore, Dick Foran, Ann Sheridan, Joe Sauers (Sawyer), Helen Flint, Dickie Jones, and Henry Brandon. (83 minutes,'36)

Lust in the Dirt: Hunter and Divine descend on a New Mexico hell hole. He, like most of the cast, is searching for some buried treasure, o satisfy a fantasy of becoming a bar singer. Cast includes Tab Hunter, Divine, Lainie Kazan, Geoffrey Lewis, Henry Silva, Cesar Romero, Gina Gallego, and Woody Strode. (85 minutes,'85)

Okay, if you're looking for downloads, try phrases like "Online Movie". Different phrases get different results. If the last one did not work try something else. Make another attempt with "Films To Download".


Classic Television Show DVD Popularity On The Rise

In recent years, it has become a growing trend to buy and watch classic television shows on DVD for your family entertainment. The availability of some of the all-time favorite classic TV shows on DVD and video has become pervasive throughout the U.S. This allows families to not only catch up on the past seasons of the television shows that they might have missed, but to go back to the classics that we and our parents grew up watching. It is now easier than ever to find seasons of shows that were produced 30 or 40 years ago, right alongside the DVDs of the television shows that are currently on the air. America seems to have become infatuated with remembering the characters and situations produced during the early years of television. What are the reasons for the increased popularity of classic television shows?

Classic television enthusiasts represent a large market of consumers. There were many classic sitcoms and variety shows that were aired between the 50s, 60s and 70s, that represent not only a large generation of viewers but a very powerful time in American history. They speak for the events of that age and include social and political commentary that goes right along with when they were made. Therefore, they are nostalgic entertainment and fun to relive. For those that watched these shows when they originally aired, classic TV DVDs allow them to relive that time in their life. For those that were too young to watch them when they first ran, DVDs allow them to appreciate the classics as new entertainment.

Classic television shows now available on DVD and video have created a new way to ensure that these memories are not lost. As more and more popular televisions shows became available on DVD in the 90s, there became a growing interest to see older television sitcoms on DVD as well. Shows like ER, Star Trek and The Simpsons were being sold at a tremendous rate which led to more and more people asking what happened to the other shows they once loved. Few television networks are able to show classic television programs which left a large gap of potential entertainment untapped and potentially gone forever. Without the DVD releases of these shows, the newer generations would have little knowledge about the early time in television history. But by allowing the distribution of these old sitcoms and variety shows through DVD, all generations can watch and love some of the classic shows and entertainers. Sonny and Cher, Donny and Marie and the comedic genius of Bob Hope can now be watched, remembered and cherished by those that remember when they were the stars of television.

In general, home entertainment and the purchase of DVDs has become one of the most popular entertainment expenditures for the American home. With televisions and DVD players become more sophisticated and movie tickets become more expensive, homes are opting to outfit their home to take on the task of keeping the family entertained. This means that more and more shows and movies to watch are also necessary. There is no shortage of network television to watch but there is a shortage on time to watch them all. When families know that they can purchase an entire season of a television shows on DVD in three to six months, they will do so. More and more we are finding families picking up classic television DVDs to watch because they weren't able to watch them when they aired originally. With the television DVD market, it is now possible to follow the storylines of television shows that are on at exactly the same time. This is something that wasn't possible even ten years ago.

Classic television shows are put onto DVDs so that a whole new generation of fans can watch them. Imagine a company that can make money off of a television series even twenty years after it aired. It no longer matters if a television show is currently on the air or not. With the new trend for putting classic television DVDs in consumers' hands, classic shows are able to have a second chance at life. Some viewers can find shows from their childhood and enjoy the nostalgia that goes along with them, or they can teach their own children about the shows that they used to love. In the past, once a television show was no longer on the air, there was no way to see it again. However, now shows can be enjoyed over and over again. These shows are important to many viewers in lots of different ways and by putting these classic television shows on video and DVD, they can be popular for years to come.


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