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The quintet of watch online movies has gained significant proportion of revenues. The new film was first aired rights and the projection was later transferred to the smaller, independent movie theaters at your own mozijaikban. Maximum return on capital invested in the film meant for international distribution. A portion of the rest of the country was forced to cede their national markets in the US film industry.

The classic Hollywood feature films and filmmaking around the world has become an example to be followed. As a result of the Great Depression, between 1930 and 1934 almost 25% decline in revenues from cinema ticket. Revenue as replacement exhibitors handed out gifts to the ticket buyers and buffets are open. The studios have been made layoffs, the employees held the reduced wages. In this critical situation started to become a single body of employees join together and created the watching movies industry’s most influential trade unions, which have considerable power to this day.

II. the first years after World War II record number of viewers visited cinemas, which boosted again for a short time in the film industry. As a result of social and movie economic changes of the studio system began to decline. The proliferation of television and mass suburbs of the US population as a result of moving to the downtown cinema attendance began a dive. The major studios projection film rights in 1948 trusts the judgment of the winding up of the US Supreme Court sealed. The “Paramount judgment” committed members of the quintet movie theaters to sell.

The television has opened up new opportunities for studios. Although the traditional studio system was broken, but the major Hollywood companies remained alive. Film appearances in their newly built shopping malls with cinemas exploited. Dazzling presented films that are transferred to the broadcasters after the cinemas that are still running.

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